About the Journal

Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Surgery (https://doi.org/10.46831/jpas) is a peer-reviewed and open access hybrid medium journal published both as an electronic and print version. The journal has a unique objective to not only focus on Pediatric Surgery but also Adolescent Surgery, which is a transition of care from Pediatric Surgeons to General surgeons. Only a few journals are being published on Adolescent Surgery and not a single journal aims at Pediatric Surgery with Adolescent context, which justifies the need for a new journal on this subject.

Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Surgery will initially follow a biannual publication frequency for 1-2 years. The journal publishes Original research articles, Systematic reviews, Meta-analysis, Narrative reviews, Evidence-based reports, Short communications, Case reports, Letter to the editor, Clinical images, Radiology quiz, etc. Detail of these publication types can be seen in Instruction to Authors. Every manuscript will be peer-reviewed before reaching any decision. Please see the Peer review policy of the journal.

The journal has a versatile editorial board. Separate section editors are enrolled for various subsections and super-specialties such as Section editors for Minimal Access Surgery, Section Editors for Pediatric Urology, etc.

Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Surgery is an official journal of The Association of Paediatric Surgeons of Pakistan (APSP) and PELSSA (Pediatric Endoscopic & Laparoscopic Surgeons Section APSP), Pakistan. The APSP has been publishing an electronic peer-reviewed journal of case reports (APSP Journal of Case Reports) since 2010. In February 2020, the APSP has decided to launch a full flag journal both in electronic and print versions. The journal is launched in June 2020 with a mission statement “Improving patient care by publishing quality research”. 

The journal retains copyrights of all the publications and works under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License that allows any kind of distribution of the material by mentioning and acknowledging the journal. The journal disclaims any harm or adverse event that may occur by using the information presented in the journal. Therefore, it is advised that the current literature must be considered along with other reliable sources before using the information presented in the Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Surgery.