Corrosive ingestion in a 4 days old newborn


  • Ahmad Hassan
  • Asad Munir King Edward Medical University/Mayo Hospital Lahore
  • Fatima Naumeri
  • Bilal Qayyum Department of pediatric surgery and burn unit, King Edward Medical University, Lahore
  • Muhammad Sharif King Edward Medical University



Corrosive ingestion, liquid bleach, newborn


Background: Corrosive ingestion in children is very important and sensitive issue which result in lot of morbidity and mortality corrosive ingestion is mostly in form of acid or alkali chemical. 5000 to 15000 caustic ingestion cases are reported annually in United States. Majority of cases are accidental and can occur in any age of children but in new born it occur very rarely.

Case Presentation: we are presenting a case of corrosive ingestion in 04 days old new born who was given a liquid bleed mixed with formula milk by mother considering the liquid bleed as water for the dilution of milk.

Conclusion: We conclude that legislation should be done for authorizes sale of corrosive chemical and awareness campaign should be lounge through social, print and electronic media about hazards of corrosive ingestion.


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