The spectrum of congenital malformations of the lung at a rural hospital


  • Pooja Kailas Bhole intern MBBS
  • Vivek Gharpure (M.Ch.) Consultant Pediatric Surgeon, RMC, PIMS, Loni.



CPAM (Congenital pulmonary airway malformation), Pulmonary sequestration, Lobectomy, CLE (Congenital lobar emphysema) , Lung resection, bronchogenic cyst, CCAM (Congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation), CTM (Congenital thoracic malformations) , Extra-lobar, Intra-lobar, Posterolateral thoracotomy, lobectomy



Background: Congenital malformations of lung, such as congenital lobar emphysema, cystic adenomatoid malformation, bronchial cyst, pulmonary sequestration are of rare occurrence. However, our hospital being in a rural area attracts a large number of patients with complex malformations.

Method: This retrospective analysis is done to evaluate diagnostic accuracy, safety and efficacy and outcomes of open lung resections at a rural hospital.

Results: 16 children with congenital lung malformation underwent open resection in a rural hospital, with no mortality and minimal morbidity, no complications and more than 24 months follow-up.

Conclusion: Open lung resections are found to be safe, effective in a rural setting also.


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